Comic Book Creation Show

In this program, the audience helps invent a never-before-seen comic book! Using ideas from the crowd, Eric illustrates and tells the story of a brand new comic book hero, with a healthy dose of comedy throughout. Perfect for the budding artist as well as anyone who enjoys a good story and a laugh, this show appeals to all ages! 





Comic Book Workshops 

Eric also offers educational workshops in which students learn techniques for designing their very own comic books!  

Single Session Workshops: 

Character Design- this program focuses on creating a unique cartoon or comic book character. Eric will guide students through the brainstorming and sketching process, creating a finished character that can go on to become the star of its own story!

Cover Design- in this workshop, students will learn about techniques for creating a dynamic and exciting comic book cover. They will be introduced to concepts such as composition, angle, and narrative in illustration. An exciting cover makes you want to read the whole book, and by the end of this workshop, each student will have what they need to inspire a story of their own! 

Multi-Session Workshops:

In these programs, Eric will conduct a series of classes designed to take students through the comic creation process from beginning to end! Starting with character design, discussing storytelling through pictures, and ending with a finished comic book, this workshop series can be tailored to different lengths and age groups. 


A sample comic book cover, from initial sketch to final copy.

A sample comic book cover, from initial sketch to final copy.

 Improv Workshops

Eric will teach the basics of improv comedy to students in a fun, fast-paced workshop. They will begin with some warm-ups and move into more complicated games where students can create exciting stories and silly characters with each other! 


For price inquiries or bookings please send your emails to or call (401) 225-5899 .